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management company...

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You have an amazing idea for an event.
You want to turn a building into a fountain.
Thousands of people could flock to see it.

Then you stop wondering if it's really possible and
start worrying how you're going to make it happen.

Then you call us.


Orchestras and acrobats dangling 200ft from a crane
inflatable fish the size of double-decker buses
a 60m-high harbourside tightrope walk
running vertically straight up the outside of 80m buildings

but just another day at the
office for us.


The person who answers the phone.
The person who works with you to create your event.
The person who advises you all the way through and
turns up on the day to manage your event.

Work with most event management companies and
each of these people will be different.

Work with us, and the difference
is our approach.

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Harmonic Fields


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Lakes Alive

Overworlds and Underworlds

Speed of Light