No trendy young things answering our phones trying to sound like they know what you want. No professional 'pitchers' coming out to see you to win your business. No 'hired-in experts' to make up for the fact we told you we could do something, and had to subcontract it out to someone who actually can.

Tim and Adam answer the phone.
Tim and Adam come to your meetings.
Tim and Adam will organise, produce and manage your event,
along with Danny and our technical crew.


Company Director and the man with the biggest radio and smallest earpiece so he must be in charge.

A qualified event safety specialist, with over 20 years experience in the business, he's signed off rigging to lift orchestras and acrobats hundreds of feet into the air, brought a ship over from Barcelona to stage the walkabout of a 50ft puppet, staged firework displays and set fire to a hillside (intentionally), and managed a royal visit, escorting the Queen down Platform 1 of Huddersfield Train Station to avoid a 25,000 strong crowd, including 1 mad axe-man!

Tim specialises in planning your event and dealing with all the serious stuff you can't afford to get wrong. From designing your event so that it is safe and passing your plans with the Police, to being on site to look after crowds of up to 50,000, he's the man who does all your worrying for you.



Fellow Company Director but with trendier clothes and fewer wrinkles than Tim.

With a background in the serious end of theatre production, it's fair to say that Adam is our technical guru. No problem too large, or piece of equipment too obscure – Adam has all the answers you'll ever need.

He single-handedly takes on the challenging requirements of the International Contemporary Musical Festival each year, managing ever-more outlandish production requests. Last year he sourced the equipment for, and produced a concert recorded by BBC Radio 3, featuring a virtuoso performance from a dustbin wagon, complete with specific rubbish to be crushed – yes, really!

If it's lights, sound and staging you want, Adam is the man.



Tim and Adam's younger and undoubtedly more good-looking right-hand man.

Another graduate of regional theatre who's seen rather more Checkov than perhaps he'd like to remember, but being used to working with ever-decreasing theatre budgets, he's a whiz with plywood and gaffer tape.

Danny is the practical brains behind many of our events, and when it starts to get busy, he's the one we rely on to get things done. He's managed the technical requirements of the Harrogate International Festival, looking after artists at the start of their career, right up to sell-out performances from international big names.

Female clients making a special request for Danny will be asked to pay a deposit which we will refund when he is returned to us. Sometimes we struggle to get him back...